Acne treatments that work

If you suffer from bad skin, you need acne treatments that work. There is nothing worse than an acne treatment that doesn’t work. You may have taken all of the acne treatments that you have seen on television that magically clear up acne but you notice that it doesn’t work on you. It can be depressing and many people feel helpless to their acne. This is why there are several at home acne remedies and other treatments that may work for you. With a little experimentation, you will see that these solutions will give you the skin that you have always wanted.

While you are at home, you should try some of these anti acne treatments that work. Wash your face either once or twice daily with a gentle cleanser. Do not over wash your face. You may notice that only once a day or once every other day works better for your skin than 3 times a day. Never pop your pimples. Yes, they can be ugly at times but you can scar your face easily by doing this and it can lead to infection. Oil is one of the reasons why acne occurs so you should stop using any water based skin care products like cold cream, milk cleansing washes and foundation.

There are many cleansers that you can buy in your local pharmacy that are medicated for acne. Follow an anti acne skin care regimen with these products. If this still does not work for you then you can go to your dermatologist for more specially medicated creams. Changing your diet can help to reduce acne. Also, using forms of birth control pills can help to regulate the hormones causing less to no acne.