Best vitamins for acne treatment

For great looking skin, you should be consuming the best vitamins for acne treatment. Many times, we do not nourish the body with the right vitamins that promote our skin. Plus since our vital organs are more important than the skin, the nutrients we do consume go to them and then the skin receives what is left over. If you eat a lot of junk food, fried food or sugar this can cause your skin to break out because it is not receiving the nutrition that it needs. There are plenty of vitamins that are great for your skin which means that you should consume a good amount of each to improve your skin’s condition.

  • Vitamin A – this vitamin can reduce acne even in the worst cases. There are side effects to taking too much or eating too much so it is best to only eat vitamins prescribed by your doctor.
  • Vitamin E – this vitamin is great for the overall health of your skin. You only need a little amount of vitamin E for this to be effective. Even vitamin E gel caps can be broken and spread over the acne for faster and more direct results.
  • Zinc – Zinc for acne is another great vitamin that works well when you take vitamins A and E. You can apply zinc to the face or take tablets. It will help to absorb the other vitamins better for better results.
  • Some doctors also recommend magnesium and selenium for the skins overall health. Selenium boosts the effects of Vitamins A and E and also produces more elasticity in the skin while magnesium will balance out hormones which is great for people who are more prone to acne during menstrual cycles.

As you can see, these are the best vitamins for acne treatment.