Home remedies for acne treatment

There are many home remedies for acne treatment that you can do for yourself. Acne can be hard to deal with but it is very common. You should always see what you can do on your own to fix acne before going to the doctor. Some simple changes to your routine may clear it up and in other cases you may have to see a doctor for more specific medical help. All home treatments must target three precise areas: killing bacterium, getting rid of excess oils and unclogging your pores. This is simple acne 101.

The first thing you should change is your lifestyle. It does not have to be dramatic but you should begin to cut out foods that are high in fats, fried and have lot’s of sugar in them. You should also increase the amount of water you drink to at least 8 glasses of water per day. Never pick your pimples or pop them as this will cause the infection to grow on your face and cause unsightly scarring that you are doing yourself. Just let it be.

A simple anti acne skin care regimen can also help you to resolve your acne problems. You should gently clean the skin with a mild soap specifically for acne. Some have chemicals while others are all natural. Then use an exfoliating cleanser 3 to 4 times a week. You do not want to over do it as this can cause irritation to the skin, and that’s right, more acne. Exfoliators help to get rid of the dead skin cells and grow new ones. Then you need to kill the bacteria so that it does not infect or irritate the area. External applications with benzoyl peroxide are usually the best.

Then use an all natural moisturizer which will help to keep the skin fresh. Tehre are the best home remedies for acne treatment.